“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”

cit. Allen Klein


Silbonit Spectra offers an extraordinary range of colors to create unique facades and interior designs. Silbonit Spectra Boards are available only with standard finishing.

The throughcoloured base, the full color applied on the surface, the colored beveled edges, are the salient features of this performing product, that is able to meet any kind of need.

It’s possible to recreate whatever colour required choosing from the NCS range (300 m2 for colour is the minimum quantity required).

For cuttings done on building sites, just for aestichic reason, it’s advisable to seal the cut edges with the same colour of the surface before setting the boards.

Silbonit Spectra is available in all NCS colours range. For example:

Colours, even though reproduced with great care, can vary compared to the original ones. For colour choice, one must decide from samples supplied by the company, keeping in mind that some difference in tone is possible between different batches and that every board is unique.


Blu  S3020-R80B


Verde  S5030-B90G


Giallo  S1040-G80Y


Rosso  S3050-Y80R


Naturale  S3010-G80Y


Grigio Scuro  S6500-N

S 2565-R80B

Blu Intenso  S 2565-R80B

S 0585-Y80R

Rosso Acceso  S 0585-Y80R

s 3005-y50r

Sabbia  S3005-y50R

Available Dimensions and Thicknesses

In addition to the standard formats, Società Italiana Lastre provides the possibility of supplying customizable cuts to size.

Standard Dimension

2500 x 1200

 2500 x 1250

3000 x 1200 

 3000 x 1250

3050 x 1200

3050 x 1250

Exterior Thickness

8 mm    10 mm   12 mm

8 mm    10 mm   12 mm

8 mm    10 mm   12 mm

8 mm    10 mm   12 mm

8 mm    10 mm   12 mm

8 mm    10 mm   12 mm

Interior Thickness

5 mm  –  6 mm  –  8 mm

5 mm  –  6 mm  –  8 mm

5 mm  –  6 mm  –  8 mm

5 mm  –  6 mm  –  8 mm

5 mm  –  6 mm  –  8 mm

5 mm  –  6 mm  –  8 mm