Ventilated Facade-Bimestrale Casa Naturale N.83

Copertina Casa Natura N.83

Breathing Houses


Improving comfort, limiting heat loss and energy consumption are just some of the purposes of sustainable living. To achieve them, many designers are using in their projects the ventilated façade system or facade advanced screen, as shown in the UNI 11018 2003, increasing thus the building’s performance. It is a dry construction method, characterized by the introduction of a ventilated air gap between the support of external coating and the back insulated wall. The external panels are anchored to the wall, thanks to fastening systems and suspension devices that deploy them from the support, in order to create a natural ventilated interspace. Each layer has a specific function and it’s essential to the system operation. The external panels, as well as providing a strong imprint to the building aesthetics, protect it from direct Direct wall, wind effects and pouring rain. The anchoring structure supports the cladding slabs and creates an interspace, ventilated thanks to the left open joints between a module and the other, where air can passes allowing to dissipate the excess of heat in the summer and to reduce the ‘ humidity, with a great performance improvement in heat and humidity of the building envelope as well as living comfort of the interior. The market offers technology solutions combined with the aesthetics quality.

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It’s now avaible on- line the new website of Società Italiana Lastre, completely renovated both in contents and in the graphic .

Modern design and easily enjoyable themes allow an extremely easy navigation.

The website , entirely managed by our internal resources , is designed to make available a wide range of information about our extensive product range .

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New Finishes

New finishing will expand the range of Silbonit plates and characterize their appearance.

In addition to the qualitative and aesthetic characteristics already known, the new finishes give to the surface an even more natural visual effect.

SIL keeps up with design trends and it’s always ready to offer innovative solutions.

For more information (Silbonit finishes and colors)

SIL comes out in favour of solidarity

Sil with many other local companies have joined the project “Solidarity in motion”, through which was given the opportunity to elderly and disabled people to be able to move throughout the country, making concrete a very important service to the village of Verolanuova (where SIL is set up).

This project has been directed to purchase a vehicle (FIAT Doblò), which is made available to volunteers who, since many years, has been providing a valuable service through which the neediest citizens can have the opportunity to move easier.


Da sempre l’attenzione della nostra azienda è orientata alla salvaguardia dell’ambiente in tutte le fasi connesse al processo produttivo. Tale impegno è stato dapprima confermato con l’ottenimento delle certificazioni ISO 14001:2004 e 9001:2008; oggi si aggiunge la Dichiarazione Ambientale di Prodotto DAP.
Trattasi di un documento informativo atto a descrivere gli impatti ambientali legati alla produzione delle nostre lastre piane.
E’ uno strumento che fornisce al consumatore indicazioni chiare e verificate in merito alle performances ambientali del prodotto fabbricato mediante indicatori di dettaglio valutati sulla base del ciclo di vita del prodotto stesso.
Tale dichiarazione rappresenta un valore aggiunto per le nostre lastre piane in fibrocemento, da rivolgere a tutti e in particolare a quei clienti particolarmente attenti alle tematiche ambientali.
Per tutti coloro che vorranno disporne di una copia, sarà possibile effettuare il download direttamente dal link.
Ulteriori informazioni potranno essere richieste via mail.

Children in Need

Società Italiana Lastre SpA donated Silbonit boards to ‘The Little Miracles’ Project as part of BBC’s charity ‘Children in Need’ featured in the BBC One special programme ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build with Children in Need’ and was used as part of a life changing transformation to the center for disabled children in Peterborough.


The regulation no. 305/2011/CE of the European Parliament dated 9 March 2011 laid down the harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products. This Regulation shall enter into force from July 1, 2013. It lays down conditions for the placing or making available on the market of construction products by establishing harmonized rules on how to express the performance of construction products in relation to their essential characteristics and on the use of CE marking on those products. The manufacturer of a product that is covered by a harmonized standard shall draw up a declaration of performance. More information can be requested by mail.

Silbonit for the reconstruction in Abruzzo

Silbonit was used to build the new houses for the survivors of the earthquake in Abruzzo. Silbonit contributed to end the constructions in short time and the typical Mediterranean colours gave a pleasant look to the buildings

Presidency of the EU

The seat of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU is realized using Silbonit sheets – Portugal will be presiding at the Council of the European Union from July to December 2007. The façade of the main entrance of the seat in Lisbon is realized using Silbonit sheets colour Lavagna. This works give the prestige to our case history.

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