The dense parallel straight lines created by confdent surface millings never meet, but they travel so close to think they can do it, giving to the SILBONIT panel an important personality that contributes to making the facade or cladding unique.

Silbonit panels are available also in the following finishings



Available in 13 through coloured tonalities with hydrophobic finishing.

– Non uniform colours and some small imperfections of the surface are a feature of the product.

– Si consiglia un’installazione che consenta all’acqua di defluire lungo la facciata

Colours, even though reproduced with great care, can vary compared to the original ones. For colour choice, one must decide from samples supplied by the company, keeping in mind that some difference in tone is possible between different batches and that every board is unique.

090 HC – Blu

050 HC – Verde

040 HC – Giallo

 060 HC -Rosso

061 HC – Terracotta

070 HC – Terra

080 HC-Deserto

081 HC – Pergamena

030 HC- Grigio

011 HA – Pietra

010 HA – Superbianco


020 HA – Naturale

Available Dimensions and Thicknesses

In addition to the standard formats, Società Italiana Lastre provides the possibility of supplying customizable cuts to size.

Standard Dimension– mm

2500 x 1200

3000 x 1200 

3050 x 1200

Exterior thickness - mm

10  –  12

10   –  12 

10   –  12 

Interior thickness - mm