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Secursil sheets with improved impact resistance

The Secursil sheets are corrugated boards characterised by the insertion of longitudinal continuous reinforcement made by polypropylene strapping.

The presence of these reinforcements constitutes a significant advance in the field of accident prevention, when properly laid, as required by UNI 10636.

The Secursil sheets comply with EN 15057 “reinforced profiled fiber cement. crossing resistance of a body large springs “.

According to this rule the standard plates, properly secured and positioned in the light of 1.4 m, must withstand a load of sferoconica shape weighing 50 kg falling on the plate by a clearance height of 1.20 m. On impact it develops an energy of 600 joules. The result is positive if the load is restrained by the plate for at least one minute.

The Secursil sheets go beyond provisioned standards and retain the load continuously.

Provençal Undertile Secursil

Provençal Undertile Secursil” The formation of roofing tiles laid on an underlying coverage of suitable profile fiber cement has now entered current use, due to undoubted technical and economical advantages. Provençal Secursil sheets allow easy achievement of these kind of coverings. MaxColor undertiles Secursil have uniform colouring on both surfaces that integrate them perfectly with the roof tiles . The Provenzali Secursil under tiles are also available with Flammé finishing. These boards, which are gray on the underside, have a varied surface that blends them with the colours of old and new tiles . They are applied without the use of the roof tiles, giving a natural look that easily integrates into the landscape without spoiling it.

Provençal Secursil

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