Through coloured range is available in the following treatments

Colour nuances, little conglomerates of raw materials and faint smoothed lines characterise its surface.

Its excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions.

A water repellent, colourless substance scattered on the boards, reduces absorption, helping the panel to finish its aging for the next 2/3 years. It also helps to reduce water and dirt spots. This treatment exalts the natural features of the surface, keeping the innate authenticity of this product unchanged for a long time.

Chemistry improvements helped to develope this last generation finishing.

The look of this finishing is the same of standard hydro, but the performance is different.

Hydroplus adds to the hydro main target, that is to let the board finish its aging during the next close years, a new one: keeping a look more stable in the time through the strong protection applied on the surface, without loosing its natural appearance.

The natural nuances of the board are intensified by an acrylic transparent finishing that gives brilliance and intensity to the base colouring. Thanks to the elaborate process of application of paint on both surfaces and to the protection on the sides, the board obtains specific features resistant to graffiti, salt fog and to sulfur dioxide. This kind of treatment encourages the application of these boards in urban zones with high smog density and near the sea. For cuttings done on building sites, we advice that the cut edges should be treated before being set. Acrylic transparent anti graffiti treatment is available only for Silbonit with standard finishing.